The Subconscious Visit

WHERE: Manhattan Monologue Slam!

WHEN: September 26, 2016

WHAT WERE YOU THINKING: Why play the victim after learning so much about the predator? (and I need these two minutes to stick like grits!)

FUN FACT: The gentleman who won, Daniel Danielson, played a preacher (MLK); maybe Danielle Daniels was a strong second?

What are the two best things for a fledging actor? Opportunity and Constructive Criticism! Perhaps, I should encourage you to click the link before conditioning your opinion with my critique. I won the 30 sec. round, this was the 2 min. finale.

It is hard for me to watch this, it makes me cringe. When I intially wrote this monologue, (which was permitted) I wrote it to have layers, I rehearsed it to show these layers, but I got on stage and got stuck on a “high”, if you will. Part of it was being a nervous novice in theatre and the other was that I kinda started scaring myself as I continued with the piece. The energy was alittle much to contain and artfully transmit, but it was well recieved with the judges. I got great feedback about the need to have layers and to make my movements on stage “with purpose”.  Overall, I was considered a powerful actress, that could be greater with enhanced skill! Great Night. One of my coaches, John Pallotta, was there and gave me great encouragement after the show.

MMS Subconscious Visit Pic

I have no clue when such a piece would be appropriate to perform again, but I definitely was reminded that before the acting bug, there was a writing beetle.